1. Coed 4's, Women’s 4’s - "A" Divisions

2. Net height: Coed & Men's – 2.43m, Women’s – 2.24m

3. There will be 5 minutes prior to each match for both teams to warm up on the court. All games will start no later than 5 minutes after their  scheduled start time. After this time, the forfeiture procedure is to be followed.

4. Each team is permitted 1 time-out per set (30 seconds per time-out).

5. The server has 5 seconds to put the ball in play and is allowed only 1 toss.

6. The ball may be served from any point behind the end line.

7. The let serve is permitted (the serve is good if the ball hits the net, continues over, and remains within the court boundaries).

8. The ball cannot be blocked on a serve.

9. The ball may only be attacked on a serve if it is contacted below the height of the net.

10. Overhand passing the ball during serve reception is "NOT" permitted.

11. Overhand passes are "NOT" permitted on 1st contact unless it is a hard driven ball.

12. Open hand tips are "NOT" permitted.

13. If the ball is contacted during a block, this counts as the first contact and the ball must be put over the net with no more than two more contacts. The blocker who touches the ball may play the ball on the next touch.

14. Order of service must be maintained, and for Co-ed it must be M/F/M/F.

15. If a team’s male players contact the ball 3 consecutive times, the 3rd contact must be below the height of the net.

16. There must be 4 players on the court for each team at all times however if there are only 3 player’s teams will be permitted to play without forfeit of the match. (Coed 4’s, Mens's,Women’s 4’s, Youth 4's only)

17. There can be no more than 2 men (coed 4’s) and 3 men (coed 6’s) on the court at any time

18. If a ball is played over by a set the person playing the ball must be facing the direction of the set.