Adult 2's Beach Rules
• Overhand passing (volleying) on serve receive is not permitted 
• Overhand passes are not permitted on first contact (except on hard driven balls) 
• There is no open hand tipping allowed 
• A block touch counts as one of your three team touches 
• There is no centre line, so athletes can be under the net as long as they are not interfering with their opponent 
• Teams will switch sides every 7 points in the first 2 sets, and every 5 points in the 3rd set (if necessary) 
• There is a one minute “technical time out” in the first 2 sets when the point sum is equal to 21
 • Setting on 2nd contact is traditionally called much more strictly on the Beach 
• Teams will need to self-referee, and can decide before the game how strict they will be on hand-setting violations
 • If setting the ball over the net, the path of the ball must be perpendicular to the line of the shoulders 
• Please note that if a set is directed toward a teammate, and the set blows over the net, this is not a fault
Substitutions/Alternates/Roster Changes 
• Substitutions are allowed during league play, however teams can only sub between sets, not during 
• Alternate players are allowed during league play, but you must make a note of the alternate player on the score sheet 
• For playoffs, an alternate player may not be used.
• Any alternates must be Beach Bandit Members (and not players on a team in a higher division)