Youth Beach Rules
• Overhand passing (volleying) on serve receive is not permitted 
• Overhand passes are not permitted on first contact (except on hard driven balls) 
• There is no open hand tipping allowed 
• A block touch counts as one of your three team touches 
• There is no centre line, so athletes can be under the net as long as they are not interfering with their opponent 
• Teams will switch sides every 7 points during the timed sets 
• During the rally, each athlete has the right to position him/herself anywhere on the court 
• NEW FOR 2019 - For 16U and younger divisions, a player may have a double contact on their second contact when completing a set to their teammate using an overhand pass, provided the ball has a trajectory perpendicular to the line of the player’s hands, shoulders, and hips (i.e. the player is being “square”) and the double contact involves only the hands.